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With just three jumping-off places but an itinerary to meet as much star-connected places of longing as possible, we explored parts of California in 2022. We have plunged into the kind and considerate way of living with which we were met by country dwellers when travelling along the Pacific coastline.

Furthermore, the deepest of all oceans offered the most profound encounters with sea dwellers like blue whales, sun fishes, great whites and huge pods of dolphins, providing an affective memory to pre-pandemic, transcultural belonging into an interconnected world we thought we had.



Beaches are my favourite places. They are theatrical stages. Springboards of nature from one element to another. The horizon casts a spell over you. The sound of the breaking waves, the wind, the dazzling light - you become mesmerized. It feels like pressing shells to your ears and making you experience that there is more water than earth, more air than water. We are all just grains of sand in a universe.

Raglan NZL


This project is based on the brand idea "Your Singapore" which is emphasizing the diversity and the fascinating mix of culture, language, arts and architecture – sensed by everyone in their own way. Singapore is inspiring, refreshing and ever-changing – inviting you to design your most personal journey. 


This is "My Singapore". An ongoing project that I’ve been working on right up to my last week’s living in Singapore – before moving back to Frankfurt. Not only do I want to adhere to my impressions and experiences from this pulsing heart of Asia, but also to release, let flow and pack up my memories and personal accomplishments "to go".



kansou ishi senzai ame  –  impressions stone garden rain

Wishes blown in the wind on an island surrounded by the sea. Come the weekend, roads become closed to traffic but open for people to walk freely together with so many other cheerful citizens and guests in this mega of all mega-cities.

Sitting on footpaths of multi-laneways like they are perched upon rocks of a shoreline, to enjoy the sunset in Tokyo. Feeling grounded watching the cranes flying by. Buildings like gentle handicraft floating in an ocean of green in Kyoto. Man-made techniques and nature try to find a balance. An urban jungle fashioned in the most distinguished, civil and gracious way.



Born close to France, having travelled in France for uncountable times and trying to keep our French running, we visited Québec in summer 2017. We started from Montréal, the second largest French speaking city of the world after Paris. Going north from Québec City everything was charmingly French rooted. Finally we found Canadian inhabitants outside of the manmade areas and beyond language categories at the rivers of St. Lawrence and Sauguenay: the blue whale, the belugas, the humpback and the minky whales. We were enchanted, enchanté!



The embracing beauty of Ireland made me a present of yet suppressed senses: I saw untouched landscapes, I heard the puff and blow of the minke whales, I smelt the salty fresh air, I talked to many hospitable Irish people, I gave all those impressions my undivided attention just to rediscover that doing less simultaneously means so much deeper experiences, one at a time.



Being in Portugal gives me the most longing feeling, drawn by this miles and miles of a west coast line to the Atlantic Ocean. You sense the force and virtue of the water, the wind and the nature around you blows your mind. Wandering about we picked up wonderfully.



Animals are individual characters, they live in their own spaces and people like to watch them. But are they really seen? To get in visual contact with an animal is a very exciting moment.

A shared time of diving into each others eyes and taking the memory away with you.
They, too, have two eyes as a window to their souls, as an exposure to their minds.

"I'm always amazed when I take scenic photos in New Zealand of how the sky takes up so much of the shot!"

theresa sacchi sharing thoughts about my breath-breeze series

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