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To live in Singapore sometimes doesn't feel real. Sure, you have your rhythm and you go your way, you meet people and you loose them. Things are quickly changing and you have to switch to new situations in a couple of seconds, it's going forward and stepping back, it's a mirage. It sparkles, it gives impact, it's one and the same.


Parks and gardens are common property in cities. People in megacities like Singapore live in their own compacted private space but in the public gardens they can unwind and recharge. Fill their lungs with freshness and calmness, move their bodies freely, come together or come to rest. They rebalance their lives like the surface of the garden's lake.



Sporting people are in motion. There are focused moments before, in or after the action, of tension and relaxation, of concentration and enthusiasm. In this short moment, the young athletes are complete within themselves, they are one with their expectations, their hopes and their goals. It shows in their faces and on their skin. It's their action frozen at this special point in time. They are with the now.

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